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Resolving Conflict

In 2021, FAS held a series of workshops on practical ways to diffuse heated arguments and promote harmony between people with conflicting opinions.  These meetings were aimed at shareholders and committees in Common Grazings, where the number of people and different wishes can occasionally lead to differences of opinion.  The meetings were well received, and although we didn’t record them, some of the guidance from the meetings is provided here.

What are the benefits of mediation?


• helps people to solve problems that they are facing
• is confidential, unbiased and voluntary
• encourages early resolution of disagreements
• puts the people involved in control of the outcome
• is less formal than grievance and complaints procedures or employment
• is less stressful
• can be cheaper
• can resolve disputes quicker
• shows willingness to resolve disputes amicably

Is mediation successful?

Yes – most mediations are successful in reaching agreements. The
parties are in control of finding a solution and this makes it more likely
that agreements will be adhered to and that ongoing relationships can
continue and develop.


How much does mediation cost?

The costs of mediation vary and depend on the type of mediation involved, the
type of dispute and who is providing the mediation. For mediations arranged
through the Scottish Mediation Helpline, the cost is likely to be £100 per hour.
The length of time the mediation will take is likely to depend on the complexity
of the dispute. Before you agree to go ahead, a mediator will be able to give you
a more accurate idea of time and costs for the mediation.

Currently we have a temporary Covid 19 Service which can offer free or
reduced cost online mediation if the issue has been created or
exacerbated by Covid 19 restrictions.

How do I arrange a mediation or find out more?

Website -

Helpline- 0131 556 8118/

How can I find out about training to be a mediator?

You will find a list of training providers in the Scottish Mediation website –

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