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Livestock Records Software

3 April 2023

A software package for livestock records can be useful for both ensuring you are compliant with regulations but also to help with performance recording of livestock. However, there is so many packages to pick from that it can be difficult to know what to look for.

This practical guide aims to take you through the steps to consider.

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What is the purpose you are looking the software to serve? Is it just for basic record keeping or are you looking to do more detailed performance recording with it such as livestock weights and maternal traits.


Does it feed into Scot Moves or Scot EID to make it easier for you to keep compliant with livestock movement and registration legislation.

Does it have an app?

If an app is available, then it would be much easier to enter data when out and about however some systems may only be able to be operated from a computer.

What is the cost?

Is it a one-off download at a set price or would you pay a monthly fee for a cloud-based software? Cloud based software updates regularly when it is required but for programs that are downloaded to an individual device, you will also need to download the updates to the system as and when these are needed.

How many users?

Can multiple people use it on more than one device, or do you need to pay each time you wish to add a device?

What support is available?

If you have issues with the software, do you need to pay for calls to the helpline or is this included in the cost of your package?

How easy is it to use?

Can the company offer you a free trial to get to the grips with the software and its operation? There might even be a YouTube video that you can look up. Check how cluttered the interface is – does it look user friendly? Would it be easy to navigate when on a phone or table?

Simpler systems are often easier to get to grips with meaning that you are more likely to use if effectively.

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