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Scotland’s National Priority Species

What Is A Priority Species?

A priority species is one that has been identified as being at threat and that requires targeted conservation action to prevent further or total decline.

The NatureScot webpage hosts the Scottish Biodiversity List - a list of animals, plants and habitats that Scottish Ministers consider to be of principal importance for biodiversity and conservation in Scotland.

In addition to the Scottish Biodiversity List, the RSPB have full details of Birds of Conservation Concern - a traffic light coloured list system that highlights the different avian species which are already in decline and require urgent conservation action,(red list) or at critical risk level (amber list) that without active conservation management action will move onto the red list.

Land Management For Scotland's Priority Species

Use the links below to find out more about some of Scotland's species of concern and how land managers, farmers and crofters can play their part in reducing any further decline in numbers.

Birds of Conservation Concern

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