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Integrated Land Management Plan Form

Please read the scheme rules and procedures before applying for an Integrated Land Management Plan. If upon consideration of this document you would like to go ahead with an application please complete this form.

  • Section 1: Business Details.

  • (e.g. limited company/sole trader/partnership. If other, please specify)
  • A farm or croft is entitled to only one Integrated Land Management Plan under this scheme.
  • We recommend that you take advantage of funding for a carbon audit, which can be conducted during the adviser visit. A carbon audit of your business will help identify areas where simple changes can lead to improved efficiency and reduced operating costs. This will enable you to use benchmarks to compare your business's performance with that of similar enterprises. There is £500 funding available towards Carbon Audits, the business must pay any additional costs and the VAT element in full.
  • In addition to an Integrated Land Management Plan, businesses may also receive up to two specialist advice plans.

    Specialist plans are funded up to a maximum of £1,000 per plan (the business must pay the VAT in full).

    Are there particular areas in which you require specialist advice at this stage?

    (Please only choose two options)

  • Section 2: Declaration

    • I have read the scheme rules and procedures and agree to abide by the scheme rules.
    • The answers given in this form are correct and I accept full responsibility for them.
    • I accept that making a false or misleading statement, which leads to a fraudulent claim may result in this grant being refused or reclaimed from my adviser.
    • I confirm that I am authorised to make this application on behalf of the business detailed in Section 1.
  • Information that you share with us will be used only in the delivery of the Farm Advisory Service by Ricardo Energy and Environment, SAC Consulting, the FBAASS adviser you have selected and the Scottish Government. Further information on how we look after your information can be found at or in hard copy from your local Scottish Government Area Office.
  • Click here to print the form
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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