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Future Crofting

Don't Fear the New Gear

This meeting looked at two different technologies for livestock which were available under the Scottish Agricultural Capital Grant Scheme. Sheep EID stick reader and a handheld device- what is the difference? What do they do? Jane Thomson- Shearwell explains what they are, what they can do and how you can use them for you and your flocks’ benefit. We also hear from Stephen Fagan (Moocall) about calving detectors- how do they work, how to use them and how can they benefit your herd. Crofters tell us about their experience and about the benefits these technologies have brought them.

There’s More Than One Way to Fence in Livestock!

In this webinar we looked at 3 different fencing options.

  • Synne Foos Bundal from Nofence, the world’s first virtual fence for livestock will explain how it works and the benefits.
  • Malcolm Macdonald, SAC Consulting leads a project working with farmers using virtual fencing and will give us an insight into this.
  • Geoff Goodfellow from McVeigh Parker will show us the different options to timber post and wire fences, with Triple X fencing.
  • Steven Chorley from Gallagher will take us through electric fencing, what is required and how to use it.

These 3 different fencing methods from the traditional timber post and wire fence each have their own place in today’s agriculture.

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