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Horticulture & Polyunit Growing

Growing veg for local markets and growing under polythene are increasingly popular.  Outlets such as farm shops, end of croft road sales, local hotels and holiday homes provide opportunities for diversification and adding value to sales. In this section we cover some of the basics for growing on a croft or smallholding with guidance notes and recordings of recent webinars.

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Practical Guides

Webinar Recordings and Podcasts

Polyproduce Marketing

The surge in crofters and smallholders interest in growing fruit and vegetables as well as an elevated demand for locally sourced foods by current consumers has meant an identification of opportunities to create a food and drink network locally. With current demand outstripping supply this video speaks with Calum Johnston, SAC Food & Drink Consultant about what these opportunities mean as well as a local shop/business owner with an interest in local production. Topics covered are marketing methods, tapping into opportunities, considerations for getting started and some anecdotal examples.

Polyproduce Webinar

Are you interested in using a poytunnel for horticulture on your croft or small farm? Are you confused by the quantity of options available to you? Demand for poly technologies and Polytunnel produce has increased dramatically over the last few years. This webinar covers the key fundamental topics for crofters and small holders to consider when starting up or improving a Polytunnel enterprise.

Topics covered:

  • Technical elements, with practical examples, of horticultural growing on a croft
  • Cropping schedules and soil nutrient management.
  • Various technologies available and the designs of Polytunnel growing.
  • Possibilities for horticultural food produce
  • How to process food items for sale for added value
  • ‘Marketability’ of on-the-croft products. Speakers

- Audrey Litterick, Crop specialist, Earthcare Technical

- Rob Black, SAC Consultant Lewis & Harris

- Calum Johnston, SAC Food & Drink Specialist

Growing Cut Flowers in Skye
Janette Sutherland SAC Portree interviews Catherine Matheson, Flùraichean le Gaol, Skye.

Flùraichean le Gaol means flowers with love in Gaelic and Catherine discusses growing cut flowers in Skye, starting a new business and incorporating her Gaelic heritage into her company branding.

Find Flùraichean le Gaol on Instragram and Facebook to follow Catherine’s growing journey.

All About Potatoes!

Potatoes are an important crop in the Crofting Counties with many crofters growing for home consumption whereas other crofters may sell their potatoes at farmers markets or in vegetable boxes.  In this podcast Janette Sutherland interviews Innes Jessieman SRUC potato expert to get his advice and top tips throughout the growing cycle.

Horticultural Question Time

In this podcast we posed the questions asked by you the FAS listeners to horticultural expert Audrey Litterick.  Lots of topics were covered from the difference between growing medium and compost, watering and growing potatoes on the machair to many more!

The SCF handbook mentioned
Horticulture Handbook - Scottish Crofting Federation

Compost and Growing Media

Do you have a horticultural enterprise on your croft or smallholding? Do you buy or make compost or growing media? Do you get variable results?! In this webinar, Audrey Litterick joined us for a discussion of all things compost: Compost and growing media What it means to go peat-free How composting works Why composting might not always work Tips

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