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Selling Your Own Produce

A Guide for the Small Producer

Whilst campaigns on the importance of ‘Food Miles’ in tackling climate change and food security issues have been in the news for several years, there is no doubt that ‘Lockdown’ has accelerated a change in  consumer perceptions, making them question food sources and look for a more local market.    There will be many complex social reasons for this change but it does suggest there may be opportunities for more small producers to capitalise on the current market trends.

We have focused mainly on meat production in this project but the principals behind marketing and development and maintaining quality can be applied to all small-scale farm production.

So where do you start?   It can seem overwhelming trying to work out where to begin and how to comply with regulations.  This Webpage is designed to help you understand what you need to consider about direct selling via links to relevant websites and information offering guidance on help available and regulations.

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