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Managing slurry, for folks in a hurry

25 March 2021

Join SAC Consulting in partnership with Farming & Water Scotland for a practical and informative programme of webinars highlighting ways to make best use of storage, options for funding, getting the value out of slurry and other experiences around slurry management, coupled with the benefits this can bring to the farm business.

Slurry storage; funding, proposed regulations and calculating store requirements –  Wednesday 31st March, 8pm

SAC Consulting’s Alex Pirie and Adrian Jones from A&M Jones Consulting discuss the funding for slurry storage currently on offer via the Scottish Government Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (AECS), the recent consultation document proposing changes to storage and application of slurry, and how to calculate the storage space you need, along with tips and practical ideas to cut down the amount of water you are collecting and adding to your store.

Getting the cash value out of slurry – Wednesday 7th April, 8pm

We know slurry is not a waste product, but how do you maximise it’s financial benefits? Join SAC Soil and Water Specialist Dr Bill Crooks to  take a look at the relationship between soil and slurry and how to view and critically evaluate the resource stored up in your towers, lagoons and slats, helping you also to make best use of bought-in fertiliser and target where it can be used best on the farm.  We will also be joined by SRUC Crichton Royal Farm Manager Hugh McClymont to hear how he gets the best value out of slurry the financial benefits this can bring to the business.

Extending the working life of your slurry store – Wednesday 14th April, 8pm

Join NFUS (speaker tbc) and SEPA’s Stephen Field for a practical discussion on slurry storage, what to look out for in terms of maintenance and extending the working life of your store.  Safety should also be top priority, especially when mixing and handling slurry, which we will cover with a speaker from NFUS alongside some practical tips and ideas.

Panel night – Wednesday 21st April, 8pm

For the final of the Farming and Water Scotland slurry management and application series, we are joined by past speakers and working farmers to take a look at some of the steps taken and innovations used to maximise storage, maintain capacity and apply effectively on working farms. Our panel night will take a look at some of the success stories and impacts new and exciting changes have had for landowners in South West Scotland, along with our returning speakers from weeks gone by.

These free webinars last for an hour, with plenty of time for discussion.

Farming and Water Scotland have a lot of information throughout their website and a range of useful podcasts on their Audioboom site, which are worth a listen.  If there are any specific queries you can  them by emailing

Farming & Water Scotland

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