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Carbon Tool

A tool has been designed specifically for beef farms to support them in decision making to reduce emissions following the completion of a carbon audit. Using the tool involves selecting enterprise information from a drop down menu, entering data from the report you received from the carbon calculator as well as ranking priorities for the business in terms of focus areas. The tool will produce for you a ranked list of mitigation options and in-built links to further information on all of these areas.


If you have finished your carbon audit and are now ready to take action, then you can access the tool by clicking below.

To access the tool, download and enable editing and follow the guidance in the tool

Carbon tool resize

The Carbon Decision Making Tool for Beef Farmers video gives an overview of the purpose of the tool and explains what the tool can offer in terms of signposting. In this video, we hear from George Baikie, SRUC Farms Manager about what he thinks of the tool in relation to taking action following a carbon audit.

Before you get underway with using the tool, check out our Using the Carbon Audit Tool video that will explain:

  • What the different coloured cells mean
  • What info to enter from your carbon audit and where to find it
  • The criteria you will need to rank in order of importance
  • How the results will display


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