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Webinar: Woodland Creation & Management – Part 2: Successful Woodland Establishment

    In the second of our series of Woodland Creation & Management webinars, we took an in-depth look at how to manage the successful establishment of new woodlands. Our…

Webinar: Woodland Creation & Management Part 1 – Benefits of woodlands

    We address the hows and whys of woodland creation and management in this series of webinars. During this first webinar, we focus on the benefits of woodlands both…

Farm Woodland Information Note: Quick Guide to Broadleaved Tree Species

Quick Guide to Broadleaved Tree Species Use the link above to download a printable version of the Quick Guide table to broadleaved tree species as shown below.  For more information…

JCB with hydrogen electrolyser fitted

Case Study: Improving Fuel use; Hydrolyser Technology

31 March 2020

Case Study: Improving Fuel use; Hydrolyser Technology David Barron farms at Nether Aden in the northeast of Scotland and has a keen interest in how new technology could also help…

Feast or Famine: Water on your farm – Water Scarcity (video)

22 March 2020


      In a changing climate, extreme weather conditions are likely to become more prevalent. One such recent event was the extreme heat of the summer of 2018 where…

Storminess in a changing climate (Video)

10 March 2020


      Environmental Consultant, Iain Boyd, gives us some top tips on how we can become more resilient to stormy weather in a changing climate. Links to the websites…

Technical note (TN728): Planning Agricultural Field Drainage

Download TN728 – Planning Agricultural Field Drainage Planning agricultural field drainage requires a detailed investigation to obtain the best results. Depending on the site, there could be more than one…

Rainwater Harvesting – Making the most of Scotland’s bumper crop (Video)

20 January 2020


Rainwater is something we aren’t short of Scotland and in this video, we visit two sites where rainwater harvesting systems have allowed the businesses to make considerable savings.

Podcast: Changing Practices for a Changing Climate – Adapting in the Arable Sector

In this podcast, Agricultural Consultant Malcolm MacDonald chats to Harry Henderson, AHDB’s Knowledge Transfer Manager, and later with Gavin Elrick, SAC Consulting’s soils, drainage and nutrient management expert. Topics discussed…

Climate Change Impacts: Arable Farms & Intense Rainfall

23 October 2019


Water is the most valuable resource on your farm and the impacts that climate change are going to have on that resource are quite varied. The IPPC reports predict that…

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