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Technical note (TN728): Planning Agricultural Field Drainage

Planning agricultural field drainage requires a detailed investigation to obtain the best results. Depending on the site, there could be more than one drainage issue causing the drainage problem. As…

Rainwater Harvesting – Making the most of Scotland’s bumper crop (Video)

20 January 2020


Rainwater is something we aren’t short of Scotland and in this video, we visit two sites where rainwater harvesting systems have allowed the businesses to make considerable savings.

Podcast: Changing Practices for a Changing Climate – Adapting in the Arable Sector

In this podcast, Agricultural Consultant Malcolm MacDonald chats to Harry Henderson, AHDB’s Knowledge Transfer Manager, and later with Gavin Elrick, SAC Consulting’s soils, drainage and nutrient management expert. Topics discussed…

Climate Change Impacts: Arable Farms & Intense Rainfall

23 October 2019


Water is the most valuable resource on your farm and the impacts that climate change are going to have on that resource are quite varied. The IPPC reports predict that…

Farm Management Handbook 2019/20

The 40th edition of the Farm Management Handbook is an essential tool for any progressive farm business, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for farmers, rural professionals, students…

Technical Note (TN730): Construction of a Cow Track for Access to Grazing

Summary Cow tracks can lengthen the grazing season from reduced damage to pasture and improved field access in poor weather Correctly constructed cow tracks can prevent lameness within the herd…

What can the Farm Advisory Service do for you?

Regardless of farm size or business stage, the Scottish Farm Advisory Service can help you to increase the profitability and sustainability of your farming business through Government funding for one-to-one…

Technical note (TN724): Minimising Plastic Waste on farms

Minimising Plastic Waste on Farm – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle This technical note seeks to provide advice to farmers and crofters to help minimise the production of waste plastic on…

Tackling the impacts of climate change on arable farms – Natural Flood Management

15 July 2019


Climate change is happening and the effects of which are continued to be felt within the arable sector. With the adverse weather conditions we have seen over the past couple…

Tractor and tanker with a trailing shoe on the back

Podcast: Nitrate Vulnerable Zones – Keeping Compliant

18 April 2019


Earlier in the year we held a series of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) awareness events.  In this podcast we join Agricultural Consultants Mary-Jane Lawrie and Craig Bothwell who work within…

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