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Natural Capital – Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (AECS)

Are you looking for funding for projects to promote conservation and tackle climate change? In this episode of Natural Capital we discuss Scotland’s Agri-Environment and Climate Scheme (AECS). AECS is…

A View From Argentina

In this podcast we hear from Argentinian farmer Allan Cameron. Allan talks to us about farming in Argentina including cropping and beef production. He covers the importance of soil health…

Rural Roundup – Picking out the Positives from Agricultural Sectors and Planning for Water Scarcity with SEPA

Welcome back to the Rural Roundup. This show is produced in association with the Scottish Government. On today’s episode George & Robert pick out some positives from across the Sectors,…

Farm Woodland News (FWN39) Spring 2023

Use the link above to download the latest Farm Woodland News, or click through the individual chapters below.   Articles in this edition include: Editorial Maximising the benefits of riparian woodlands…

Agribusiness News March 2023

Welcome to the March edition of Agribusiness News.  If you prefer to download this document click the download button.   N e w s  i n  b r i e…

The Trading Market for Farmland Carbon

30 January 2023


With Woodland and Peatland Carbon Codes well advanced, in this webinar we take a closer look at the activity in the agricultural farmland sector and the development of the UK…

Ecosystem Markets and Green Commerce

In our final episode of the series we are discussing the important financial topics which cover most natural capital projects, including ecosystem markets and green commerce. We discuss potential funding…

Farm Woodland News (FWN38) Autumn 2022

Use the link above to download the latest Farm Woodland News.  Articles in this edition include: Editorial Off-cuts Industry Update Resilience & Tree Health An Update on Carbon Markets (June…

Farm steading

Resilient Technology Options for Water Management on Farm: Rainwater Harvesting

25 November 2022


As our climate changes and we experience more extreme weather patterns, becoming more resilient and efficient with water use on farm can be critical to managing drier spells on your…

Thrill of the Hill – COP26 One Year On

17 November 2022

Thrill of the Hill is back! Season 3 #7 – COP26 One Year On. In this episode we hear from SAC Consulting’s Seamus Murphy as we take a look back…

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