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Farm Management Handbook 2021/22

The 42nd edition of the Farm Management Handbook is an essential tool for any progressive farm business, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for farmers, crofters, rural professionals,…

Women in Agriculture, Caithness: Confused about Carbon? Let’s Clear the Air!

10 October 2021


So much talk about reducing farm emissions, lowering your carbon footprint, carbon neutral, net zero and how to farm more efficiently…..confused by all this and need some clarity on what…

Growing cut flowers in Skye

Janette Sutherland SAC Portree interviews Catherine Matheson, Flùraichean le Gaol, Skye. Flùraichean le Gaol means flowers with love in Gaelic and Catherine discusses growing cut flowers in Skye, starting a…

Women in Agriculture, Borders: Selling Carbon and Creating Woodland (webinar)

Carbon sales from woodland are rapidly becoming a valuable source of income for farmers. Given that sales can be combined with existing FGS grant support, carbon sales are now being…

Setting Up A Carbon Neutral Business (webinar)

In this webinar, we hear first hand from two speakers who have got low carbon and regenerative farming practices at the forefront of their businesses. Sam Parsons is farm manager…

A dairy cow standing beside a wire fence, below a tree in the early morning as the sun rises with a bright hue in the background.

Thrill of The Hill – Farming for 1.5 Degrees

Farming as with all other industries has been set the challenge of operating more efficiently and sustainably in the face of climate change. To achieve a roadmap for the future…

Trees and carbon capture – the science

Can trees really help combat climate change, and how? If you’ve ever wondered “what’s the evidence that tree planting targets will work?” join the latest FAS webinar looking at the…

A white cow sleeping in a grassland field.

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Finishing Well

Beef finishing has long been seen as an inherently intensive activity, however finishing beef cattle at grass can be a productive use of time, while contributing to good habitat management…

A red and white calf with a yellow ear tag looking directly at the screen.

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Concentrating on Calving

Calving is one of the busiest times of the year for those in the beef sector and a crucial time for things to go right! A successful calving has huge…

A sheep standing on a hill landscape with the sea in the background

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Flock Resilience

While a Brexit trade deal has taken some pressure off the sheep sector the changing political and agricultural landscape means that it must adapt to the new challenges of climate…

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