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Thrill of the Hill – Great Yellow Bumblebee

2017 saw the start of Scotland’s Pollinator Strategy, now in 2022 and half way through a ten-year plan, the role and importance of pollinators has only become more significant. Pollinators…

Agroecology: Facilitating Mindset Change

This collaborative project was designed, delivered and facilitated by a unique partnership of organisations, Nourish Scotland, Nature Friendly Farming Network, Landworkers’ Alliance, Soil Association Scotland, Pasture for Life and the…

A photograph of Thomas Neely who works for Entrust Environmental, a company producing anaerobic digestate.

Video: Making the most of digestate applications

14 January 2022


    Thomas Neely from Entrust Environmental explains how farmers can benefit from applying digestate as an organic manure. With rising prices for artificial fertilisers many farmers are looking for…

Real time manure analysis and variable rate application of slurry

With fertiliser costs rising and emissions from manure spreading being under scrutiny we take a look at how technology can be used to maximise the value of manures.  In this…

How to plan and develop new crops and products into your farming business

19 December 2021


There is much spoken about increasing biodiversity but less about how to do it for your own business. This interactive workshop will provide some ideas and tips on how to…

Seven black and white dairy bred cattle grazing in a grassland field surrounded by a thick hedge that is laden with hawthorn flowers.

Webinar: Are you milking your environment?

Future payments to dairy farmers may alter with more emphasis on the environment and biodiversity. The BRIDE – Biodiversity Regeneration in a Dairying Environment – project in Ireland has been…

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Sustainable Principles

Managing Scotland’s landscapes sustainably is what all farmers, crofters and landowners seek to achieve. For years now there has been a steady increase in the number of land managers turning…

Natural Capital: Reasons for Measuring the Baseline of Natural Capital in a Landscape

Natural capital has finally been given economic value – the combination of soils, species, communities, habitats and landscapes are now recognised as ecosystems services, with critical societal benefits. The degradation…

Future Applications of Insect Protein for Agriculture

Janette Sutherland SAC Portree interviews Zero Waste Scotland’s Dr William Clark about a new type of farming – insect farming. The podcast covers a wide variety of topics from why…

A white title slide with a photo of eroded and degraded peatland with the words 'Livestock bridges' beside it.

What are livestock bridges? (video)

      What are livestock bridges? Watch to find out how, in some situations, they can be a win:win for biodiversity and climate change.

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