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Did you know you can get specialist advice on climate change, as part of an Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP)?  FAS can help fund an adviser to visit your business and provide you with a specialist advice plan in any two of the following areas:

Improved farm efficiency | Climate change adaptation and mitigation | Soil and nutrient management | Biodiversity, habitat and landscape management | Woodland management and conservation | Water pollution, prevention and control | Organics | Archaeological and historic site advice | Animal welfare


    Rationing The Suckler Cow For Improved Efficiency

    At a recent FAS event at Barony College, Dumfries, farmers saw that by improving suckler cow nutrition they can improve efficiency in many aspects of their business including animal welfare,…

    A group of farmers & an agricultural consultant discussing rushes

    Optimising Farm Nutrients – Winning the battle against rushes in Upland systems – event summary

    Grassland in Scotland has seen a significant increase in rush infestation with rushes establishing in fields where there has not been a problem in living memory. This meeting laid out…


    Diversification: Woodlands & Renewables (Stranraer) – event summary

    Have you wondered about diversifying into woodlands or renewables? This meeting aims to inform farmers and land owners the future financial and business potential in both woodland and renewable energy as well as highlighting funding sources for these types of projects.

    River and river bank

    Managing Water Margins & Priority Catchment Area Update – event summary

    The event focused on outlining the implications of the new priority catchment areas in Dumfriesshire and considered options for the effective management of water margins. After the opening of the…

    Man talking about water pumps

    Slurry, Soil & Money – event summary

    Slurry, soil & money – It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have! There was a great turnout of approximately 45 farmers to this meeting…

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    Leatherjackets on soil

    Integrated Crop Management – Elmwood Campus, Fife

    Due to the reduction in availability of effective crop protection products the development of more integrated crop management (ICM) methods will help farmers to adopt a more holistic approach to crop production with benefits to soil and field biodiversity.

    Growing More Grass (Benbecula)

    Good grassland management is key to improving the efficiency of our sheep and beef enterprises.  This meeting will look at utilising rotational grazing in an Island scenario, fertiliser applications tailored…

    North-East Farmland Biodiversity Discussion Group

    A meeting to look at the benefits and costs of late cut grassland.  Could it be made a more effective part of farming systems?   Speakers include; Paul Chapman, SAC Consulting…

    Venues: The Mustard Seed Cafe Event Tags: North east Topics: Climate change

    Improving Efficiency in Small Scale Beef Production – Darvel

    * * * * * Event Cancelled * * * * * With regret we inform you that this event has been cancelled. Small Scale Beef Producers Small scale beef…

    Venues: Newlands Farm Event Tags: South, South west, and West Topics: Climate change

    Making the most of your land – Renewables, Woodlands & GAEC – Tayvallich Estate

    Make the most of what you’ve got Can you get more from the land and resources you already have to become a more sustainable farming system?  This meeting will look…

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    Farm Scale Renewable Energy

    SFAS Farm Renewables brochure 25.4.2017

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    FAS presentation: Sheep husbandry – breeding 14.10.17

    These presentation slides were used at the FAS Improving efficiency in small scale sheep produciton meetin on 14.10.17

    FAS presentation: Introduction to sheep production 14.10.17

    These are the presentation slides from the FAS Improving Efficiency in Small Scale Sheep Production

    FAS presentation: Health & Disease Control in Sheep 14.10.17

    These presentation slides were used at the FAS Improving Efficiency in Small Scale Sheep Production meeting on 14.10.17

    Ram Management booklet

    QMS Worm Control in Sheep

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