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    Getting to grips with Carbon Audits

    Carbon Audits are designed to measure a farm’s greenhouse gas emissions from different farming enterprises.  This figure demonstrates the ability of a business to use resources efficiently with lower carbon…

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    AgriBusiness News January 2021

    Along with the regular articles on policy, cereals, beef, potatoes, sheep and milk, this month we have feature articles on Global and EU Agricultural Economic Trends and a Brexit Update.

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    Technical Note (TN738): Hedges – Carbon, Conservation & Compliance

    When it comes to hedges it is important to remember the three Cs: Carbon, Conservation & Compliance. Hedges dominate the farmed landscape of many parts of Scotland. At a time in which agriculture as a sector is coming under increasing pressure to provide “public good”, hedges can be an obvious feature with scope for widescale uptake, particularly for farms where maintaining a high level of productivity is important or where there are minimal woodland opportunities.

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