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    COP26: Adapting to a changing climate

    The physical threat of climate change will hit farms hard. The increased likelihood of storms, drought and intense rainfall could physically damage farm soils as well as infrastructure and force management changes. However not only will the physical impacts of climate change effect farms the change in policy towards more climate friendly practices will also change the way farmers farm. Adapting to the whole range of physical and policy changes coming over the next 10-20 years will require a huge shift in how we think about farming in the 21st century.

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    COP26: What can farmers do? Reducing emissions on farm

    With the continued and increasing scrutiny of agricultures greenhouse gas contribution it is essential that farms continue to reduce emissions. There are numerous things that farmers can do to reduce emissions on farm but it is likely not going to be enough for farmers to achieve the targets set out.

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    COP26: A changing policy climate

    Agricultural policy is going through a dramatic change, any agreement reached at COP26 will intensify the need for governments to reduce their carbon footprints and tackle climate change. In this webinar we’ll hear more about how future agriculture policies might change and how this will impact farmers from SRUC’s leading experts – Steven Thompson and Davy McCracken.

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    Are you milking your environment?

    Future payments to dairy farmers may alter with more emphasis on the environment and biodiversity. This session will be a discussion group to go through the findings from a questionnaire…

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