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    Water – Waste not, want not!

    Even before we entered the driest six month period since 1984 this summer, water use on farms was starting to be mentioned as one of the assessment criteria to be…

    River and river bank

    Priority catchment awareness meeting; Lothian Priority Catchments – Event summary

    Reducing diffuse pollution risks can help you to stay on the right side of the Regulations and protect farm payments, whilst protecting surrounding water quality. Often driven by rainfall or…

    Farming and Water Scotland at the Arran soil & drainage event

    Managing water on your farm – Arran: event summary

    This meeting focused on improving drainage and reducing compaction in soils to improve productivity and efficiency whilst also improving water quality. A small but enthusiastic group of farmers turned out…

    Soils, drainage & grassland, Shetland – Event summary

    Grass has a key role in sustaining ruminant livestock production The day consisted of a mix of outdoor practical sessions, indoor presentations and discussions aiming to help farmers understand how…

    Soil Management & River Dee Priority Catchment Update: Event summary

    This was an interactive workshop looking at soil management and the River Dee Priority Catchment results. The day started with Pete Wright from SEPA explaining the findings found on farm…

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    An anaerobic digester

    Digestate: The facts – Moray

    There is a new plant producing digestate at Port Gordon. It is producing a PAS110 product and they are actively offering it to farmers in the area. It is a…

    Road end at Newmills of Boyne our Soil & Nutrient Network Farm near Turriff

    Banffshire Soil & Nutrient Network: Save money with effective nutrient budgeting

    Save money with effective nutrient budgeting Can you make better use of organic manures on your farm?  Can your use of fertiliser be targeted better in order to improve efficiency…

    East Lothians Soil & Nutrient Network: 2nd meeting – Soil organic matter & organic manures

    The importance of soil organic matter, making the most of organic manures composts & wastes and nitrogen use efficiency. This is the second of three meetings to be held on…

    watercourse with bank erosion and overgrown thorn trees overhanging it.

    Be the Solution to Diffuse Pollution – Easter Ross

    Reducing diffuse pollution can have many benefits to your business such as reducing your fertiliser costs by applying fertiliser at the right time and the correct amounts. It can improve…

    Farming and Water Scotland merchandise

    Farming & Water Scotland – Aberdeen Christmas Classic

    We are going to be at a number of agricultural shows and events this year. Visit the Farming and Water Scotland stand to hear how other farmers have reduced diffuse…

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    Identifying compaction in your fields


    Publication Type: Video Publication Year: 2018 Topics: Soils, Environment, Climate Change, and Water Management

    Options available for relieving compaction

    Publication Type: Video Publication Year: 2018 Topics: Biodiversity, Crop Health, Crops and Soils, Soils, Environment, Climate Change, and Water Management

    What the dry summer can tell us about our fields

    Publication Type: Video Publication Year: 2018 Topics: Soils, Environment, Climate Change, and Water Management
    photo of a cover crop mix including red clover

    Cover crops – Information note

    Cover Crops – Information note

    Photo showing the Valuing Your Soils Booklet on a concrete floor

    Valuing Your Soils – Practical Guidance for Scottish Farmers

    Valuing Your Soils – Practical Guidance for Scottish Farmers

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    Case Study: Hardens Farm – Using a RAM pump to provide alternative watering to grazing cattle

    John Anderson farms at Hardens Farm which lies within the Lower Tweed Priority Catchment. The farm steading is located at 200 m above sea level, has a weak main supply with fields that rise to 300 m which are located a distance of 900 m from the steading in two different directions. In order to provide an alternative watering source for grazing cattle, John installed a RAM pump system.

    ‘Mind The Gap – 2 m and 10 m buffer strips near watercourses’ Information Note

    Mind the gap – 2m and 10m buffer strips near watercourses. Vegetated buffer strips of varying distances are used throughout Scotland to help ensure that on-farm pollutants and run off do not get into watercourses. Maintaining these areas not only helps comply with the Diffuse Pollution General Binding Rules (DP GBRs), but also helps to protect water quality and biodiversity, improving farm environmental performance.

    Farmer’s guide to sourcing and using digestate and compost

    Thinking of using digestate or compost? This guide from Zero Waste Scotland in association with NFUS can help you choose the right product. The guidance gives you key questions to ask to support you through the process of sourcing and using compost and digestate to help make sure the materials will meet your requirements.

    Managing water on your farm – Arran: presentation slides

    These are the presentation slides used by Seamus Donnelly during the Managing water on your farm event held on Arran during July 2018

    Nutrients, structure & drainage for grass – presentation slides from Gavin Elrick

    These are the presentation slides used by Gavin Elrick during the ‘Soils, drainage & grassland – Shetland’ event held in July 2018

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