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Real time manure analysis and variable rate application of slurry

With fertiliser costs rising and emissions from manure spreading being under scrutiny we take a look at how technology can be used to maximise the value of manures.  In this video we visit Hamilton Contracting Services who have invested in a real time NIR (Near Infra-Red) machine to analyse silage, slurry and other liquid manures.

The harvest lab system developed by John Deere is a real time near infra-red sensory mounted on both the chopper and dribble bar that can analyse the constituents of silage and slurry and use this information to create both variable rate manure application maps as well as yield offtake maps whilst measuring silage quality. Listen to Ian Clarke from John Deere as he talks us through how Andrew is using this technology to improve efficiency of slurry and record keeping for customers.



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