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What is Natural Capital?

The Earth’s soils, rocks, air, water, plants and animals are all valuable resources that provide a wide range of services and benefits. These resources need to be carefully managed and…

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Rural Roundup (10th August)

Running Order: 00:18 – Rural Roundup with Tiffany MacTaggart 04:05 – This years harvest discussion with Robert Ramsay and George Chalmers 13:35 – Other great podcasts from the Farm Advisory…

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Cull Ewe Screening

There are numerous reasons why a ewe may not regain condition after weaning, these can be from dental disease, to worms to an iceberg disease.  An excellent tool to understand…

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Calving at 3: Bulling Management

We revisit Billy Graham at Craigdarroch Farm to discuss bulling preparation and bull selection for calving at 3 years old.   More in our Calving Bulling Management Vlog series: Calving…

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