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Crop Health

    Spring barley – March 2020

    Pests Wheat bulb fly can attack early-sown spring barley, particularly crops sown after potatoes, field vegetables or fallow.  Egg hatch is now underway but may carry on until late March…

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    Field Vegetables – March 2020

    Forward planning – pest monitoring With strict treatment protocols being demanded by supermarkets and consumers, the role of pest monitoring in determining whether an insecticide treatment is justified is an…

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    Winter oilseed rape – March 2020

    Diseases Fungicide sprays to manage light leaf spot are best applied as preventatively as possible – usually at early stem extension (‘welly-boot height’).  The warm weather has given many crops…

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    Winter oats – March 2020

    Weeds Where autumn residuals were applied, in many cases they have worked well.  If weeds have escaped the autumn residual, or nothing has been applied yet, only broad-leaved weeds can be…

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