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Cattle Records – Passport Reconciliation

21 November 2023

Winter offers the perfect opportunity, while cattle are housed, to check ear tags and carry out a passport reconciliation. All cattle on the farm should have the correct tags and a passport. This is especially important when you want to sell cattle. Passport reconciliation is the process of checking this.

The following simple steps will guide you through the process:

  • Get a list of cattle on the holding from the ScotEID Website.
  • Go through the passports you have on farm and tick these off the list.
  • Go through the cattle on the farm and tick these off the list, whilst also checking their sex and breed information is correct.
  • Make a note of any missing ear tags and order these from your tag supplier ASAP.
  • Make a note of any anomalies and deal with these individually.

Read the full guide on Passport Reconciliation here

Watch our video where Mungo Guthrie takes us through the passport reconciliation process:

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