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Beef Heifer and calf

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Beef

23 September 2020


Consultant Alex Pirie speaks with Consultant Robert Ramsay from SAC Consulting’s livestock team about the current state of the Beef Sector in Scotland, and how to create synergy between your…

Sheep and cattle sharing a field on a grassy hill

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Sheep Upland Grazing Strategies

23 September 2020

Topic: ,


Consultant Alex Pirie speaks with Daniel Stout about Sheep Upland Grazing strategies and the broader Sheep industry in Scotland.

Rotational Grazing Vlog: Weaning Lambs at 90day

9 September 2020


  These lambs have grown at 325g/day from birth, an exceptional growth rate for twins. Jamie has shown us the leader-follower system in previous videos and discusses how he is…

Rotational Grazing Vlog: Cattle doing well after a wet august at Oakwood Mill

8 September 2020


          Although grass is doing well and cattle are thriving (1.35 kg/day liveweight gain), rainfall is starting to increase poaching risk. Giles now looks forward to…

AgriBusiness News September 2020

The September 2020 edition of Agribusiness News is now available to download and read.  Along with the regular monthly articles on policy, cereals, beef, potatoes, sheep and milk, this month…

Webinar: An Introduction the the new Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network: Lyking Farm

In this webinar, we introduce Lyking Farm, the new host farm for the Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network. Farm facilitator Graham Scott provides an overview of the farm and leads…

Agri Business News August 2020

The latest edition features articles on policy, cereals, beef, potatoes, sheep and milk.  In addition this month there are feature articles on pigs, Covid-19 and autumn livestock markets and an…

Webinar: Brand Building (Part 1) – Where Do I Start?

  “Woodside Farms” Sound familiar? Tesco got into some hot water over the ‘fake farm scandal’ in 2017. But why bother to brand produce with a farm brand name? Covid19,…

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