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Livestock Monthly: Sheep (November 2021)

26 November 2021

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In this livestock podcast, Agricultural Consultant Robert Ramsay speaks to SAC Consulting sheep specialist Kirsten Williams and to SRUC Veterinary Investigation Officer Fiona Crowden.  The podcast covers, latest problems presenting at…

Taking stock – the long-term benefits of an Integrated Land Management Plan

25 November 2021


In this podcast, Ben Graham, Managing Partner at Kirkland in Dumfries and Galloway talks to us about his experience of applying for an Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP) to reflect…

Milk Manager News November 2021

10 November 2021

The November 2021 edition of Milk Manager News is now available   Along with the usual articles on Milk Market Update and Straights Update, this month we have feature articles on…

Future Applications of Insect Protein for Agriculture

Janette Sutherland SAC Portree interviews Zero Waste Scotland’s Dr William Clark about a new type of farming – insect farming. The podcast covers a wide variety of topics from why…

A white title slide with a photo of eroded and degraded peatland with the words 'Livestock bridges' beside it.

What are livestock bridges? (video)

      What are livestock bridges? Watch to find out how, in some situations, they can be a win:win for biodiversity and climate change.

Livestock Monthly: Beef (Recorded October 2021)

8 November 2021


  In the latest of our livestock monthly podcasts episodes hosted by Beef Specialist Robert Ramsay of SAC Consulting, we talk beef with Veterinary Investigation Officer, Alwyn Jones of SRUC…

New Entrants with Added Value – Morton’s Milk

5 November 2021


Morton’s Milk is a family business based at Auchinbay Farm in Ayrshire. David and Gillian Morton farm 500 acres milking 320 Holstein cows and store 120 Belgian Blue cross-dairy cattle.…

Regenerative Agriculture – Maximising Crop Diversity

Above ground plant diversity can lead to a more resilient soil by promoting a diverse soil food web with a range of organisms. On farm, this can be achieved a…

Reducing Labour at lambing

3 November 2021

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The lambing period can be extremely labour intensive. In this video we provide some simple, low cost tips to ‘tweak’ the system to reduce labour and now is the time…

Agribusiness News November 2021

The November 2021 COP 26 edition of Agribusiness News is now available to.  This months along with the regular monthly articles on policy, cereals, beef, sheep and milk, this month…

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