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Calving [BE.RA.CA]

    Calving at 3: Bulling Management

    We revisit Billy Graham at Craigdarroch Farm to discuss bulling preparation and bull selection for calving at 3 years old.   More in our Calving Bulling Management Vlog series: Calving…

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    Remember The Golden Rule Of Calving!

    We are getting reports of large numbers of twins currently being born.  This makes it even more important to check for a second calf, especially for cows which have had a small calf and are leaner.  It is often the second calf which takes longer to be born, has the highest chance of being mis-mothered and hence has the higher risk of dying.

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    Calving Equipment Checklist

    Are you ready for the start of calving?  Do you know where your calving ropes are?  Is your medicine cabinet well stocked?  With the first calf often arriving quicker than expected it’s a good idea to have checked that your calving equipment and essentials are ready for use.

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    Spring Calving Checklist

    As calving approaches, it is a great time to take stock, and look at your management over the spring calving period.  Ensuring the management is tight over calving, will have…

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    Preventing Scour In Calves

    Calf scour (diarrhoea) is one of the biggest issues associated with illness, poor growth and mortality in calves.  The most common causes of calf scour in the first 3 weeks of life are rotavirus and coronavirus (both viral), cryptosporidiosis (parasitic), E.coli (bacterial) and Salmonella (bacterial).  An outbreak of infectious scour is costly, in terms of calf losses, treatment costs and labour.

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    Colostrum for Calves

    The management of calves at birth and immediately after has the biggest bearing on the future productivity of the calf.  The importance of getting good quality colostrum into the calf…

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