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Calving Equipment Checklist

22 February 2022

Are you ready for the start of calving?  Do you know where your calving ropes are?  Is your medicine cabinet well stocked?  With the first calf often arriving quicker than expected it’s a good idea to have checked that your calving equipment and essentials are ready for use.

Make sure you have the following items cleaned and disinfected thoroughly and to hand ready for use.

  • Calving jack (in working order and not damaged from the previous season or calving)
  • Calving ropes (handy to have spare set)
  • Calving gate (in working condition)
  • Stomach tube, calf bottle and teat

Erect calving pens and prepare for the first calf. Ensure calving pens are washed and disinfected. Have extra space/pens prepared for calved cows and make sure bedding supplies are well stocked on farm.

Essentials to have in your calving kit;

In Stock
Obstetrical lube
Arm length gloves
Iodine (10%)
Iodine cup
Colostrum - aim to buy the product with the highest content of IgG
Heat lamps and bulbs
Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs (all vet prescribed)
Selection of sterile needles and syringes (various sizes)
Electrolyte powders
Castration rings and pliers
Dehorning paste
ear tags/management tags
Paper and pen/notebook/calving book/app

For those of you using a camera in your calving shed don’t forget to check it is working properly and make sure the lens is clean.

Sarah Balfour,

Newborn calf being licked by it's mother

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