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Lambing [SP.RA.LA]

    Colostrum For Lambs

    Colostrum is the ultimate super food for new born lambs, watch this short video, where Kirsten Williams gives some tips on storing, freezing and defrosting colostrum for this lambing.  

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    VLOG – Tagging and Vaccinating

    Autumn tasks include tagging your lambs and vaccinating them against clostridial diseases. Watch Aoife, Jake, and their team of helpers work together to carry this out. Further information: Top 10…

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    VLOG – Lambing and Feeding

    Pet lambs are unfortunately a likely occurrence for one reason or another during lambing time. Looked after well, these lambs can go on to match the performance of their naturally…

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    VLOG – Hypothermic Lamb

      Do you know what the temperature of a normal healthy lamb is?* Dealing with chilled lambs can be a regular occurrence if you are lambing outside and the weather…

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    VLOG – Lambing Preparation

    Lambing is the most important time on the shepherd’s calendar. The success or otherwise can depend on getting you sheep in the right condition and knowing when to intervene. This…

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