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Technical note (TN724): Minimising Plastic Waste on farms

Minimising Plastic Waste on Farm – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle This technical note seeks to provide advice to farmers and crofters to help minimise the production of waste plastic on…

Technical note (TN720): Assessment for Land Drainage

18 July 2019

Assessment for agricultural drainage requirement Soil is a complex balance of physical, chemical and biological processes which operate at an optimum when the soil is well structured and freely draining.…

A Report on Soil and Organic Materials Analysis from the Soil and Nutrient Network Farms 2016 – 2018

15 July 2019

Introduction Improving soil and nutrient management on farm makes farm businesses more profitable by increasing nutrient use efficiency, and has other benefits including lowering the carbon footprint of the farm…

Tackling the impacts of climate change on arable farms – Natural Flood Management

15 July 2019


Climate change is happening and the effects of which are continued to be felt within the arable sector. With the adverse weather conditions we have seen over the past couple…

Podcast: Women in Agriculture – Baddinsgill Farm

As part of our work for Women in Agriculture, we visited Baddinsgill Farm in West Linton in the Scottish Borders to interview three of the women who run this fantastic…

Milk Manager News July 2019

8 July 2019

Read Milk Manager News July 2019 here.

AgriBusiness News July 2019

Read AgriBusiness News July 2019 here

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