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Podcast: Antibiotics and livestock

6 March 2019


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – and more particularly, antibiotic resistance – is one of the greatest threats to human health globally. Food producing animals account for 37% of antibiotic use in…

Animal Welfare Updates March 2019

1 March 2019


Straw Diets for Suckler Cows – check your ration!

New Entrant Case Study: William Law

27 February 2019


William Law has recently purchased a farm in his own right. This has been achieved through an opportunity arising and his determination. This has been possible by sourcing finance through…

Technical note (TN719): Recommended grass and clover varieties 2018-2019

22 February 2019

Technical note (TN719): Recommended grass and clover varieties 2018-2019

FAS Newsletter February 2019

The latest edition of our newsletter has been sent out to the mailing list and you can read the full publication here  Should you want to sign up to receive…

Worming: How to develop a strategy to suit your farm and your budget

19 February 2019


With lambing approaching, we spoke to Vet Heather Stevenson, who is based in Dumfries with SAC Consulting Veterinary Services.  Here she talks about the importance of thinking about strategy when…

Case Study: Billy Matheson

15 February 2019

For many years, Billy Matheson worked on offshore oil rigs as an engineer. Weary of the work and keen to try something new, Billy decided to move back home to…

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