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Agribusiness News April 2024

Posted: Monday, 01 April 2024

Welcome to the April edition of Agribusiness News.  If you prefer to download this document click the download button.

N e w s  i n  b r i e f

All Change

As promised last autumn, the Scottish Government has announced more details with regards how agricultural support will change in Scotland from next year, and the actions that farmers and crofters will have to take in order to be eligible for the new support payments.

In preparation for the gradual transition to the new agricultural support framework which will start in 2027, the latest update puts some meat on the bones of the Agricultural Reform Route map including the introduction of a maximum 410 day calving interval for suckler cows; pest management plans for arable farmers, biodiversity audits and new conditions for managing peatlands and wetlands.  Extensive guidance on each of the new changes will be available during the summer.

With IACS season underway, the proposed new Land Reform (Scotland) Bill currently at Stage 1 in the parliamentary process could change how land in Scotland is owned and managed in rural and island communities. The implications for large farms and estates could be significant given the fact that proposed measures include, in certain cases, prohibiting landholdings over 1,000 ha from being sold until Ministers can consider the impact on the local community.

In this month’s edition of Agri Business News, while our sheep articles explain why baa-rilliant lamb prices are hogging the farming headlines, our dairy article explains why despite the spring flush, from a financial perspective, dairy farmers are not feeling flush.

Our sector focus and input articles this month highlight the benefits of investing time and money in your vet and how straw could be the new golden currency in our increasingly cyclical economy.

And with the wet weather continuing through March, the knock on effect on both spring work and the demand for grazing cattle; this month’s article on retirement planning may tempt some family members to review their options.

Next month:

  • Pig Update
  • Hemp
  • Forage Focus

This month’s editor – Christine Beaton



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