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Promoting Biodiversity & Alternative Food Crops

Increasing biodiversity of both the farm environment and what it produces, is seen as one of the ways in which farming businesses can remain sustainable in the future.

Upcoming webinar

November 23 2021 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

How to plan and develop new crops and products into your farming business

There is much spoken about increasing biodiversity but less about how to do it for your own business.

This interactive workshop will provide some ideas and tips on how to make your farm more diverse by increasing biodiversity, growing new crops or producing new food products. It will provide advice on how to plan but also how to develop business around these changes.


We held a 'Biodiversity and alternative food products webinar' early in November.  Watch the recording to hear from Marian Bruce (Highland Boundary), Sascha Grierson (Grierson Organic), and Davy McCracken (SRUC) about the value to farm businesses of enhancing biodiversity and nature to open diversification avenues.

Boosting biodiversity to build business: Highland Boundary

Highland Boundary Wild Scottish Spirits is a new generation of Scottish spirits, born on the farm, and capturing the flavours of the Scottish wilderness, botanicals and wild. Marian and Simon’s farm lies on the Highland Boundary Fault and this inspired them to develop a range of products based on botanicals from the Highlands with grain spirit from the South. This video explores how they have encouraged wildlife and biodiversity through innovation and imagination. Driven by flavour, their products really are a taste of the countryside, and they connect people with the environment.

Boosting biodiversity to build business: Newmiln Farm

Hugh Grierson farms Newmiln Farm, a mixed organic farm in Perthshire. The farm now consists of beef cattle, pigs, chickens, wheat and oats. The meat produced on the farm is sold through the farm butchery and shop - Hugh Grierson Organic. Both Hugh and his customers enjoy the enhanced flavour of the products as a result of the diverse diets that the animals feed on. In this video Hugh gives us an introduction to his farming system and how his holistic management interlinks between the enterprises to enhance the sustainability of his farm business.

Boosting biodiversity to build business: The flower field

This short video of N J McWilliam’s The Flower Field showcases how innovative farm diversification has worked for both the farm and biodiversity. In the video you’ll hear Kym McWilliam talk about their two Flower field locations and the spring and summer flower fields. Watch to see how this farm has diversified into a new enterprise that supports biodiversity, links it to the local community and how The Flower Field works collaboratively with other like-minded farmers and Scottish flower growers.

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