Common Grazing Developments – Portree

Resumptions, turbines, hydro, woodland – all items on a Common Grazing that need careful treatment of the costs and income.  In this meeting, Finlay Beaton from the Crofting commission, along with Arthur Macdonald, will go through all the considerations, to ensure that shareholders, committee members and clerks can manage these situations.

If you are a clerk, committee member or crofter, these meetings are invaluable to give you the know how and confidence that the finances of the Common are being properly dealt with.  If you came to our first meetings on Finance, these meetings will take you onto the next stage to properly deal with resumptions, forestry and new scenarios that CG might face these days.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and we have a CG board game to help explain scenarios.  Feedback from the last meeting was “It was much more entertaining than I expected!”

We are meeting at UHI West Highland, Portree.  Please book on for catering purposes.