Crofting Cows: Wester Ross


Come along to Plockton on the 4th September to hear all about virtual fence collars, veterinary advice, cow feeding, condition scoring and upcoming subsidy changes.

Crofters in Plockton are using No-fence collars to keep cattle from straying in an area which is difficult to fence. Alex Townend will explain how he uses the collars with his Shetland cows to control where the cattle roam in this popular tourist area.

As feed costs usually have the biggest effect on profitability on the west, Derek Hanton will cover condition of cattle, feed and minerals and the effect on calving and growth.

Do you know what subsidy changes will mean for you in 2025? We don’t have the detail, but Siobhan Macdonald will explain the proposals, and the current PSF scheme which is worth taking advantage of.

On the veterinary side, Franz Brulisauer will describe the current problems being found in cattle and the latest on fluke.

Plenty of opportunity for discussion and to quiz the speakers over lunch.

See you there!