Grazing for Profit and Biodiversity – Multi-Species Swards

Title: Grazing for Profit and Biodiversity Farm Walks – Multi-species Swards

Multi-species swards can bring numerous benefits for biodiversity, soil health and livestock performance being diverse and of high nutritional value. These swards are however more difficult to manage than conventional grass based swards and persistency of many herbs and legumes can be poor if not managed and grazed correctly.

Join us for a farm walk at Coldrochie Farm, near Perth, on Tuesday 12th July.  Emily Grant will discuss the multitude of benefits incorporating multi-species swards into their sheep system has brought for biodiversity and productivity and will share her experiences of species selection and how to best manage and graze these swards for optimal performance and improved persistency.

Midday start with food and refreshments followed by a farm walk.

Please also take a look at our Multi-Species Grassland Sward tool

This tool will allow you to input the attributes of your field, and will then provide a list of species to consider including in a mixture.