Planning farm woodlands with Darroch Nurseries


We often talk about ‘provenance’, ‘resilience’ and planting ‘the right tree in the right place’ when planning farm woodland, but what does that mean in practice?


Darroch Nurseries is a social enterprise dedicated to growing native, local provenance trees in and for Scotland. The team care deeply about nurturing the relationship between people, the land, and the health and wellbeing of both. Darroch believes in building mutually beneficial relationships which give back, in order to achieve a better future for the land – and its people – as partners, proudly creating a resilient future for us all.


Join us for a tour of the nursery, practical hands-on activity and discussion on topics including:

  • Setting up a tree nursery
  • Producing native trees
  • The importance of provenance and resilience
  • The right tree in the right place for the right reason
    • what does that look like in practice?
    • species choice
  • Interactive session on planning, setting goals and priorities.

Hot lunch included. FREE and open to farmers, crofters, land managers and foresters. Booking is required.


For more information contact Colleen on 07972298576 /