Under the microscope – fluke and worms

For women in agriculture – After a enjoyable but fully booked meeting on fluke and worms and horrible diseases, we have another meeting arranged! By popular demand, we’ll be covering yet more on fluke and worms.  Can you test at home? How? What do the results mean? What tests do the lab do and why? We cant go into the lab but we will show a video of how the tests are performed, and slides of what you would see down a microscope.  With the energetic and entertaining Kythe MacKenzie, Veterinary investigation officer, we’ll have a more in-depth look at anthelmintic and flukicide groups, how to take samples and when, effect of the weather, the pros and cons of a prelambing dose, and finally a look at other gruesome diseases – after lunch.

10.30 at the lovely Coul House hotel, finish at 2pm, lunch provided.