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If I buy land can entitlements be transferred?

Yes, if the seller is willing to do this.  This may come at a charge (for example, 1-1.5 times the entitlement value).

You must meet all the criteria for being able to activate the entitlements, such as having over 3 ha of land, being an active farmer undertaking agricultural activity, etc.

See the full Basic Payment Scheme guidance for more information on agricultural activity.

Payment entitlements may only be transferred within the same Basic Payment Scheme payment region, except in case of inheritance. This means that if you are transferring payment entitlements without land, you can only transfer them to a business who holds land in the payment region to which the entitlements are assigned. Payment entitlements can only be activated for payment by land assigned to the same payment region as them. For example, you cannot activate Payment Region 1 entitlements using Basic Payment Scheme eligible land assigned to Payment Region 2.

Transferring entitlements can be done when purchasing land, inheritance, lease or gift. Read the full guidance to ensure you adhere to all rules.