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Rounding Up The Fifth Arable Scotland

18 August 2023

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Arable Scotland is now in its fifth year and aims to bring together the key players in food production, from farmers to distillers and exporters, to demonstrate and discuss key industry issues such as innovative and sustainable farming.

This year the event took place at the James Hutton Institute, Balruddery Farm, Invergowrie on the 4th of July and featured a range of speakers and topics. If you missed the event, or want a refresher, you can watch the videos below for an overview and insight into the event.

Adaptation is increasingly important with the impacts of extreme weather conditions already being felt within the arable sector. Four excellent and knowledgeable panellists answer questions and share opinions: Kathryn Hamlen (Barley breeder, Syngenta); Murray Cooper (organic mixed farmer, Aberdeenshire); Gary Catto (Highland grain co-op); and Emily Pope (Trinity Farms Global).

Maximising net returns with fewer inputs has always been an issue and now, potentially more than ever, the second conversation will centre on the opportunities. Soils are widely believed to be one of the foundations for this. Improved soil health has the potential to develop soils both more resilient and biologically diverse, improving nutrient cycling.

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