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Here Comes Summer: Getting It Right With Seasonal Lets – event summary

21 March 2017

Hazel Laughton and Jennifer Brown from SAC Consulting gave an overview of the new ScotMoves legislation for moving cattle to seasonal lets within business ownership, what is required for seasonal lease agreements, animal transport certification for long distances and top tips for turning out cattle in the Spring.

Top Tips

  1. Register for ScotMoves before the time comes to move cattle to grazings.
  2. Check if an exemption is required.
  3. Ensure all seasonal leases in place are correct.
  4. Check the distances between your holdings and any markets/abattoirs/holdings that you move livestock to.
  5. Ensure your herd BVD status is up to date and all required testing carried out.
  6. Check grazing fields has secure fencing to prevent contact with other cattle and sheep to optimise health status.
  7. Consider previous grazing regimes for the risk of parasite outbreaks such as lungworm and coccidiosis
  8. Check fields for items that could cause lead poisoning such as old batteries remembering to consider any bonfire sites
  9. Remember to vaccinate for blackleg, especially in fields where there has been soil disturbance such as drainage works as this can increase the risk.
  10. Monitor the presence of flies in late summer particularly in sheltered fields to reduce the risk of mastitis.


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