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Common Grazings Discussion Group – Lewis (second meeting) – Event Summary

13 March 2018

This meeting started with Janette reporting back from the bench marking survey undertaken at the launch meeting on from questions relevant to tonight’s topics.  100% of the common grazings at the Lewis launch meeting have fixed equipment.  The first breakout session discussed the public and employers liability issues that face common grazings.  NFU Mutual provided a document which was the basis for discussion.


The discussion resulted in more questions, for example are the public liability issues with a Crofting Commission bull hired by a township.  We aim to get further information circulated around the groups and available on the FAS website and also aim to get templates for good signage for common grazings about livestock and livestock worrying.


We then looked at the benchmakring that considered financial aspects of common grazings.  From the Lewis group, all common grazings had a bank account but none had a borrowing facility.


40% of common grazings in the Lewis group levied shareholders either annually or for specific projects.  The problem of having to pay for a CAGS grant in full at the start was discussed.  This was reflected in the benchmarking that only 50% of Common Grazings had applied for CAGS in the last 5 years.


There were four breakout sessions that covered 4 financial scenarios.  These included:

  • Resumptions
  • Levying for a work on Improvement
  • Income from film locations
  • Applying for an Agri-environment scheme


The meeting ended with 2 video clips of new technology that could make handling livestock more efficient.  These include a sheep conveyor belt and automatic shedder

This gave everyone food for thought on new technologies available for common grazings.

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