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Derelict to productive: Seeing Your Croft’s Potential – Event Summary

21 August 2018

This event was extremely well received and feed-back from participants was extremely positive.

Take home messages:

  1. Getting to know your croft can take a long time – much like getting to know a new person. You won’t know all there is to know in a season.
  2. Key areas to assess – drainage, fencing, shelter, weed growth. There are many solutions to these problems, but budget and ethos will dictate much of what you can do.
  3. The importance of soil health cannot be overstated – this impacts on almost everything you do on your croft.
  4. Trees and tree planting on crofts can be supported by grant funding and can help improve many aspects of your croft – from soil health to lambing success.
  5. Use local experienced crofters as a source of knowledge and advice about your croft.

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