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Diversifying your business with woodland creation – Event Summary

20 March 2018

This event focused on diversifying your business via woodland creation and the benefits (timber and non timber) of having woodland on your land.

Benefits include;

  • Shelter for livestock
  • Reduction of diffuse pollution
  • Bank stabilisation
  • Flood reduction
  • Livestock management
  • Source of firewood / chip-wood for on-site boiler
  • Alternative income stream, both grants and timber
  • Succession planning

 However there are also things to consider such as;

  • Putting the right type of woodland in the right place for the right reason.
  • Access to commercial woodlands (sheep and trees)
  • Consider effects of fences on both livestock and wild animals (deer)
  • Smaller schemes having a net cost at establishment but this is paid back in terms of savings from shelter and income from timber.

Key take home messages:

  • Putting efficient time and consideration in to planning your woodland area at the outset then it will benefit you in the long run.
  • Possibility of woodland creation benefiting the rest of your businesses without reducing stock numbers.
  • Awareness of target areas for increased funding (deer fencing and native broadleaves for the highlands)


A copy of the presentation from this event can be found here.


If you would like to discuss anything from this presentation further please feel free to contact our helpline and ask for Douglas Priest.

Newly planted woodland, all plants protected with tree guards.

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