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Farming in the Online Age: Staying Safe

14 August 2019

As digital technology helps farming businesses to become more efficient, virtually every farmer will use at least one online service to run their business whether it’s online banking, digital accounting systems, BCMS, ScotEID, or even just email.  We know a lot about the physical security risks on the farm and take steps to stay secure, but most of us know far less about staying safe in the digital age.  Technology can be a great asset to the business but to get the most out of it you need to feel confident about using it safely.

  • How Safe is your password?
  • Is anti-virus software worthwhile?
  • How can technology help you to stay safe online?
  • Common types of digital fraud, how to avoid them.
  • Spam email – why do you get it and how can you reduce it?

Can you answer these questions?

If you missed one of these workshops come along to our Stand at Agriscot where the speakers will be able to give you all the information you require to stay safe on line.

  • Kirkcowan Village Hall, 34 Mains Street, Kirkcowan, DG8 0HG  – this meeting will be rescheduled tel 01387 261172 if you require further information.



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