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Introducing FAS TV

22 March 2021

A new agricultural show which recreates traditional on-farm visits is being launched by the Farm Advisory Service (FAS).

FAS TV is a fortnightly show designed for farmers and crofters to replicate the knowledge sharing that traditionally happens at local on-farm meetings, lost due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Each 30-minute programme will deliver technical messages in a palatable and enjoyable format, with real farmers demonstrating advice in practice.

Jennifer Struthers, FAS TV Producer and Senior Consultant at SAC Consulting, said: “Lots of rural TV shows are not intended exclusively for farmer audiences. We believe there is a gap in the market for TV made from a farmer’s perspective.”

Throughout 2021, 25 episodes of FAS TV will cover a wide range of topics across sectors, as well as regular updates on regulatory and policy changes.

Filming will take place across Scotland, giving farmers the opportunity to visit farms from Stranraer to Shetland from the comfort of their own homes.

Coming up in the five-episode Spring Special which launches nightly at 7pm on the 29th of March:

  • Economic and environmental benefits of calving at two-years-old
  • Utilising grazing systems when milking with robots
  • Protecting your soils: use of high flexion tyres
  • Fit-to-farm: advice on physical and mental health
  • Colostrum management at lambing time
  • Woodland for shelter

Follow the Farm Advisory Service on YouTube and watch FAS TV via  or on our Facebook page.

Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) which is co-funded by the EU and Scottish Government, providing information and resources aimed at increasing the profitability and sustainability of farms and crofts.

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