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New Entrants to Farming: Contract & Share Farming – An Introduction (Inverness) Event Summary

6 February 2018

The availability of land is often seen as the most common barrier against entry into the agricultural industry. However direct or total ownership is not necessarily the best way to get your foot in the door. Contract and share farming agreements offer farmers and landowners the opportunity to expand operations or plan for succession or retirement, potentially providing an avenue into farming for aspiring new entrants.

Take home messages from the meeting included;

  • Make yourself known to local farmers and landowners as a potential option for a contract farming agreement.
  • The importance of making a clear distinction between farmer and contractor.
  • Avoid situations that may result in accidently creating a tenancy.
  • A good working relationship between farmer and contractor is essential, trust is key.
  • Regardless of what end of whatever agreement you are on, know your responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek third party advice or a mediator to oversee the agreement.
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