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Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Wildcats

Listen to field manager, Keri Langridge about the new Saving Wildcats project when she chats with agricultural and conservation consultant, Alex Pirie in the sixth episode of our Thrill of The Hill series.

Functionally extinct in Scotland, the Scottish wildcat is an important species on several fronts, ecological, historical, and cultural. However, the species has seen decades of persecution which has led to population decline and now with the new threat of hybridisation the species is on the ropes. Other topics covered in this episode include; the state of play for the species, identifying the species in the wild, the benefits of farm habitat for wildcat, the steps farmers can take to improve farm habitats and the role of wildcats as beneficial predators.

Visit The Thrill of The Hill webpage to listen to all episodes in the series.

A photo of a Scottish Wildcat. Photo credit goes to Sylvia Duckworth and the photo is shared under the Attribution license (CC BY-SA-2.0)

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