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Rearing animals [SP.RA]

    NSA Scotsheep

    NSA Scotsheep will be a great day out for anyone with an interest in sheep and will cover all aspects of sheep production, from husbandry, nutrition and health to marketing…

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    Nematodirus Hatching…….

    The warm weather has been a welcome return for grass growth and conditions for outdoor lambing’s.  However, this warmer weather has made conditions for Nematodirus battus hatching.  Who favour a period of cold weather followed by a cumulative period of 7-10 days of temperatures over 11ºC.  Nematodirus eggs on the pasture shed by lambs last year will have survived through winter and will hatch in the right conditions now.

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    Providing Creep Feed to Lambs

    This video looks at a makeshift, low budget, adaptable means at providing creep feed to lambs using items available on the croft. The benefit of the system demonstrate what can…

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