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Rearing animals [SP.RA]

    Keeping Lambs Growing

    As lambs get bigger, they get less efficient at growing – an increasing amount of feed is needed solely for their maintenance.  The contribution of energy dense milk to their diet starts to decline and the impact of mineral deficiencies and parasitic worms becomes more evident.

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    Ewes: Looking After The Next Generation

    Whether breeding as ewe lambs or as gimmers, looking after these young ewes will positively affect the flock performance for the next year and improve their lifetime productivity.  The ewe that lambs down well in her first year will stand a greater chance of lambing down well in future years.  The first step is focusing on their nutrition to get them to target mating weights.  

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    Maximising The Power Of Culling As A Management Tool

    Culling cattle out the system is a powerful tool, not only to improve herd performance but also reduce the risk of any animal welfare breakdowns in your herd. There are many reasons for culling cattle, these may vary from farm to farm.  However, the time to make culling decisions for breeding animals is restricted. 

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    A Foolproof Lambing System

    Following the social distancing and hygiene measures from the government is highly important for those currently amid, or about to start, lambing – the last thing you want is a…

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