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Abattoir Issues

21 October 2016

The following are topics that the abattoirs would like to keep reminding their supplier.

  • Use of Scottish Potential Eligibility Cattle Checker for assurance (SPECC), before animals leave farm. Farmers should check status on purchase of stores.  Use
  • Clean wagons (must clean/disinfect within 24 hours of delivery by LAW). This is being audited.
  • Now extensive use of CCTV to monitor welfare at unloading etc.
  • Cattle which are in calf should not be sent to an abattoir. This has become an increasing issue, and Trading Standards are acting on it. It is illegal to transport heavily pregnant females where more than 90% of the expected gestation period has passed.
  • Correct paperwork, food chain information (FCI) and passports. FCI must include any notes such as lameness, and have a licence to travel if required.
  • Passport “gender” issues should be checked and corrected prior to leaving farm.
  • Passports must be filled in correctly with all dates on /off completed, and signed.
  • Correct individual identification of Steers / Heifers / Young Bulls on the movement document.

Gavin Hill,

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