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Agribusiness News March 2023 – Management Matters

1 March 2023

Agri-Reform Programme (ARP)

To help farmers, crofters and landowners prepare for the changes ahead the new Agricultural Reform Route Map published by the Scottish Government as part of its Vision for Agriculture published in March 2022, sets out the timescales for changes to its farming environmental policies.

In addition to confirming that the existing support will continue in 2023 and 2024; the route map outlines the changes to support from 2025 – 2027 linking in with the Government’s environmental targets for 2030.

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

BPS will continue in its existing form until 2024.  In 2025,  new conditionality requirements will be introduced with land managers being required to meet clearly defined essential standards that ensure activity, climate, biodiversity and business efficiency as well as safeguarding animal health and welfare and workers’ rights.  BPS will be replaced by a tiered support system in 2026; initially providing Base and Enhanced support, with Elective and Complementary levels being added in 2027.


LFASS, AECS & Forestry Schemes

While existing schemes such as Less Favoured Area Support, Agri-environment and Climate Scheme and Forestry grants schemes will continue until 2026, changes may be introduced from 2025 “to support the transition towards a more economic and sustainable model for the sector”.

Targeted Capital Support

Schemes including Agricultural Transformation Fund, Crofting Agricultural Grant Scheme, Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund, and Food Processing, Marketing and Cooperation will continue until 2026.

Preparing Actions for Sustainable Farming

The transitional support measures which are aimed at supporting land managers to prepare for changes to future support payments e.g., carbon audits and soil sampling, support for animal health and welfare, and MyHerdStats are expected to end by March 2025.


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