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Benchmarking brings better efficiency

24 June 2015

By benchmarking farm performance using resource efficiency tool AgRE Calc©, previous Farming for a Better Climate beef and sheep focus farm hosts David and Morag Houstoun at Glenkilrie in Perthshire, were able to save around £11,000 through small changes to current practices, and knocked around 10% off their carbon footprint.

Comparing their AgRE Calc© results to similar farms, they were quickly able to home-in on areas that were out-performing similar units, or pick up on areas where some improvements could be made.

David said, ‘Benchmarking the business’s carbon footprint allowed us to identify inefficiencies.  With the price of feed, fertiliser and fuel being so high we can’t afford to waste inputs; any financial savings that we can make with no loss of production is good for our bottom line.’

AgRE Calc© is free to use – you can register at, or contact to find out more. You can read about findings from Glenkilrie and our other focus farms in the case study section at, follow us on Twitter @sacfarm4climate or find Farming for a Better Climate on Facebook.

Rebecca Audsley, Senior Consultant

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