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Benefits of trees on farms and crofts

26 July 2023

Planting trees on farms and crofts can reduce your on-farm emissions and play a wider role in mitigating climate change because they act as a carbon sink, absorbing and storing carbon from the atmosphere. The Scottish government recognises tree-planting and forestry as a reliable and cost-effective way to sequester carbon; however the benefits extend beyond carbon sequestration. 

Trees on farms can help prevent livestock heat stress, act as windbreaks to reduce evaporation and increase water use efficiency and reduce the effects of erosion from wind and runoff. 

Trees also provide a habitat for different species, including fungi, nesting birds and rare insects boosting the biodiversity of your farm or croft. Oak trees support 2,300 species – 326 of which depend on oak for survival. 

By selecting either the woodland management and conservation, or biodiversity, habitat and landscape management specialist advice options through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS), an expert adviser can offer guidance on how tree-planting can benefit your business and where to access financial support. 

Access up to £2,000 of funding for two specialist advice options through FAS. For more information visit or contact FAS at or 0300 323 0161 

Reduce Emissions, Protect Livestock, Improve Water Efficiency, Boost Biodiversity & more, with specialist advice on tree-planting.

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