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BVD/Mucosal Disease Outbreaks

7 June 2017

Photo from NADIS

Since the start of Scottish eradication programme and as a result of the widespread use of BVD vaccines it is rare to see ‘outbreaks’ of mucosal disease through the Dumfries Veterinary Investigation Centre these days.  Therefore when we do see them they stick in the memory, as was the case earlier this month.

The PM on a 2 year old fattening steer showed ulcers on the colonic mucosa that could be completely stripped away.  Lesions were also seen in the small intestine and abomasum.  The steer was recumbent with a bloody scour and was one of 4 animals in the group to be affected.  The animals had not previously been tested for BVD virus in a ‘not negative’ herd.

This case comes as a timely reminder of the risks and costs of retaining PI’s or having animals of unknown status on a farm which has either a ‘not negative’ or ‘positive’ status.

Hopefully such cases will soon be a thing of the past.

Colin Mason,

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