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Changes To Animal Transport Authorisation Renewals

16 March 2017

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is reminding animal transporters that the process for renewal of type 1 transporter authorisations has changed and authorisations are no longer renewed automatically.

Type 1 transporter authorisations are required for those transporting animals, as part of an economic activity, on journeys over 65 km (approximately 40 miles) and up to 8 hours in duration. Transporters involved in economic activity include farmers, livestock and poultry hauliers, and those who move horses in connection with professional riding, livery and stabling.

In order to comply with EU animal transport regulations, animal transporters must submit an application to renew their authorisation. Failure to do so risks heavy penalties if transporters found to be operating without valid authorisation.

Rachel Fraser,

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