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Changes To TB Control Measures & Compensation

19 December 2018

Changes to disease control measures and compensation for Bovine TB have taken affect from 12th December 2018.  These changes (summarised below) are intended to safeguard the TB controls which are already in place both when purchasing and moving cattle throughout Scotland.

  • Change to post movement testing rules
  • Non-payment of compensation for illegal movements onto restricted herds
  • Reduced compensation following overdue testing
  • Introduction of a two tier cap on compensation for individual animals
  • Prohibition on testing on Bovine animals

Scotland achieved Officially Tuberculous Free Status (OFT) in September of 2009.  The new arrangements will set about changes on post movement testing and the way that compensation is paid and will ensure that farmers comply with the rules and follow best practice.  Keepers of cattle should familiarise themselves with these new rules.  Further information and a frequently asked questions help sheet can be found on the Scottish Government Website.

Sarah Balfour,

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