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Flood Resistant Fences

5 April 2017

Jonathan Firth a fencing contractor in Dumfriesshire got fed up repairing fences damaged by floods, only to have them washed away again the following winter.  He set out to design a fence, which when floods were expected, could be folded down flat on the ground and then simply pulled up again once the danger was over.  The system uses conventional stock netting or high tensile wire in 10 m sections.  Each of the posts has a spring loaded upright which is pinned in the upright position over the summer.  When floods are expected the locking pins are removed and the section of fence pushed over on the ground.

Jonathan is now marketing his system under the trade name Springback Fencing System (SFS) more details and pictures can be seen on his Facebook page.

Alternative System?

Could an alternative approach be to have similar sections of fencing which could be raised to allow flood water underneath, rather than folded flat on the ground?

In other situations would using temporary electric fences erected/dismantled with a Ridley Rappa be the simplest solution.  This would however cause more problems and/or work when flash floods suddenly occur with stock in the field, which unfortunately seems to be happening more frequently.

Jonathan Black

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